„Welcoming Culture“, Stefan Römer, 2015  

(landscape painting as photo-text-montage, inkjet print, each 65 x 43,3 cm)

In his four-part photo-text-montage „Welcoming Culture“ Stefan Roemer relates updated images and rhetorics on refugees in Europe to the „Blut und Boden“(blood-and-soil)-Nazi-ideology of the own „Scholle“ („native soil“). This ideology was based on the irrational idea of race and characterised by a heroicisation of colonial travelling to exoticised others with a simultaneous hermetical foreclosure of the own land and ground.

That this ideology, unfortunately, hasn‘t died out, not only in Germany, is obvious regarding the different reactions to the refugees in the current EU.


For the exhibition „LAND“, curated by Amit Mukhopahyhay

Santiniketan, India 2015

e-invite LAND-680


Exhibitions and works with this issue by Stefan Römer:

»Art Against Terrorism«, Emami Chisel Art, 3.4.-18.4.2009, Kolkata/India

»Migration: Globalization of Culture and Time«, Max-Mueller-Bhavan/Goethe Institut, Neu Delhi/India 2003

»Der rassistische Blick« (Diavortrag), Baustop.Randstadt., Berlin 1998;

»Mixed Up Images«, British Council and Amerika Haus, Cologne 1996.